So, this is how it started....

Winning Bid: $1377.00
Date: Aug-23-06 18:08:13 PDT
Location: Rathdrum, ID
1971 datsun 240z, dark red, some interior work, some mechanical work, runs
Inspection: InspectedInspected

You may read the rest of the thrilling story below. Sufficeth to say, it was a long road (and it ain't done yet!) So, in the meantime, enjoy the following instructional pages. I hope they help out!



Spare Tire Well

Gas Tank

Steering Wheel


Engine Block Refinishing

Hood, Hatch, Door


ZMotorSport Exhaust

Oil Pan

Gas Filler

Quarter Panel Windows (Removal/Reseal)



Condition at Purchase:

9/4: Flew into Spokane to pic up car, reviewed car, fixed some lighting issues, test drive, transferred title, got on the road.  120 miles and started having problems.  Cutting out, poor power.  No gas, no fire.  Filled up in Drummond, made it to Butte.  Filled up in Butte -- gas spilled all over.  Replaced fuel filter and several fuel lines.  Took of toward Idaho Falls.  As approaching an exit w/services, was bogging down.  Planeed on going on, but then it really cut out.  I stopped in Dillon, MT, filled up, started out again, totally broke down in a block.  Couldn't restart.  Started looking at things.  Fuel supply seems to be problem.  Stayed overnight.

9/5: Still in Dillon, MT.  Had some mechanics come down to check it out.  Replaced fuel hose while waiting that morning.  Bought a few tools.  Small electric fuel pump installed.  Started car, but ran poorly.  Started checking out spark.  Little to no spark.  Points set, still nothing.  We replaced condenser after I found uF rating.  Car started up, ran, but didn't like revs.  Replaced points and set, running pretty dang good.  Good enough to start back to home.  Arrived home at around 8:15 pm.  Left Dillon right around 3 pm.  Filled up in Pocatello, had a little coolant spill over.  Made it home on that tank.

9/6: Jacked up front end to start restoration, started reviewing needs, vacuum, blow out, a bit of clean up.  Project started!

9/7: Removed seats, Removed (threw out) carpet, started looking over car for needs, blew out dirt rust, vacuumed, removed rear interior trim panel, removed front brake calipers, started cleaning floor boards and looking for rust spots, removed some tar liner,

9/8: Removed heater control panel, reconnected level wires, started

9/9: Did a little work, mostly worked on shade sail.  Some time with family (though Becky may not agree).... (more to come)